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Gas rice cooker will be very helpful for housewives and those who have a restaurant business because it offers practicality. When you cook rice using a gas commercial rice cooker, then you can taste the fragrant and cooked rice perfectly. If so, add pandan leaves, bay leaves, salt, and lemongrass. Stir all ingredients until blended. And you can immediately to cook it. To be more enjoyable, after the rice is cooked perfectly, then you can add a complementary menu offerings. Starting from fried tempeh, fried chicken, crackers and crackers, various types of stews, to various kinds of stir-fried vegetables.

Make yellow rice / nasi kuning
If you think it's hard to make yellow rice, then you are wrong. Because yellow rice can also be cooked using a commercial rice cooker. The first step you have to do is clean rice put in a gas rice cooker. Then add spices and coconut milk to it. Refined spices that are usually included are garlic, onions, salt, and turmeric. Next enter the lemongrass and bay leaves into the rice cooker. Then cook the yellow rice until cooked.

Choose to use a gas rice cooker

Of course, with the various discussions that have been described above, then you must immediately to have it. This tool is so easy to use and the cooking process is fairly fast. Well, to get a commercial rice rice cooker that suits your needs, it never hurts to ask your friends or family who are using this rice cooker. Surely they will give the best advice for you. If you don't have time to ask them, then you can directly view them online. Look at the testimonies given by consumers, whether they are satisfied with the use of these products or not. By knowing a few of these things, then you will no longer have trouble finding the best brand of gas rice cookers.

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